3 – Never Stop Sharing


For some years 3 have been facing issues in Sweden. Our mission was to prove that 3 are a reliable telecom company for the whole of Sweden. And even more importantly, show that 3 is a warm company with a personality. A company with strong values. We also needed to make them relevant in an industry that in itself is facing huge trust issues.

Life gets more inspiring, interesting and fun when we share it with each other. Sharing is the perfect word for 3 to embrace. It’s true and relevant to the category, mot even more true for 3 as a brand, being one of the most diverse companies in Sweden with employees from more than 30 countries. We wanted 3 to stand for sharing both in the digital life and the one outside the internet. And take their expression from a fiction world to the real one.

The concept line Never Stop Sharing felt obvious. From now on everything 3 does is to inspire and help people to become even more generous and sharing in life. This is a broad concept that also demands that 3 proves that they are a generous and sharing company.

The first campaign ”Let the music free” proved the new position. 3 started off by giving all customers free surf on music streaming. The campaign also included an initiative where 3 gave retirement homes in Sweden free speakers, tablets and unlimited music streaming to keep the lust of music and life in the older days.

The second campaign focused on sharing within the family, both the wonderful moments and the uncomfortable ones. Offering more shared data to families.

With the concept Never Stop Sharing 3 is back in the real world, talking about real stuff that matters to people.

To be continued.



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