Bring the music back


900 000 Swedes are above the age of 75. Many of them are living in retirement homes.

Sadly, in this country we don’t have a strong heritage of caring about our elderly.
As a result these homes do not get prioritized when the politicians are portioning out the welfare money, which means a less enjoyable way to spend the last years of your life.

When lacking resources, the last thing that gets invested in, is entertainment and music.
This despite that all research shows that music is essential when we get older: it makes us remember, it keeps us vital and can relieve the symptoms of decease. Most of all, music makes everyone happy.

As a telecom company, 3 can’t change the entire situation for our elderly. But they can contribute with what they got.
With this initiative we gave retirement homes in Sweden free speakers, tablets and unlimited music streaming to keep the lust of music and life in the older days.

Our Work