Refugee Phones

We turned commercial radio in Syria into a personal media for refugees.

Refugee Phones is an independent organisation that helps refugees by offering donated smartphones when they arrive to Sweden. But all to often this is not enough to reach loved ones back home. For obvious reasons the phone connections in Syria is really bad. This means that relatives back home might not even know if their family members are alive or not.

March 21st is Mothers Day in Syria. On this day we made it possible for Syrian refugees to get in touch with their moms. We invited them to call a special Mother’s Day Hotline to leave personal messages for their mothers. The messages were then re-packaged as ”radio-ads”, and broadcasted all over Syria. Making it possible for Syrian refugees to reach out beyond the boundaries of war.

Over 150 radio spots were broadcasted on Syrian Mother’s Day and the entire week leading up to it.

Refugee Phones – Broadcast without Borders [M] from Ourwork on Vimeo.

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