Music Friends


In Sweden, as in many countries in Europe, integration is a hot topic.
The fact is that a lot of people are fleeing the war, arriving to a foreign country with absolutely nothing.

Kompisbyrån is a non profit organisation that matchmake newly arrived citizens with swedes.
3 is a telecom company that believes in the power of music and wants everyone to have access to it.
Many people arriving to Sweden are musicians. They have left both instruments and their musical network back in their home country. And when new in a foreign country you need to focus on getting all your papers fixed, a place to live etc. Music is not the first thing most people prioritize.
Thats why 3, together with Kompisbyrån, launched Music Friends; an initiative that connect Swedish musicians with newly arrived musicians

Music Friends aim to bring music back into the life of the people fleeing the war, helping integration and at the same time adding diversity to the Swedish music scene.
So far over 150 Swedish musicians have sign up to the project.

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