The role for advertising in driving profitable growth through strengthening  the price-premium for SAS across Scandinavia

How do you get Scandinavia’s frequent travelers (5+ per year) to feel that is worth paying a slightly higher price for SAS – and being part of a community of well-traveled people, than merely being transported with the Nordic competitors? You establish a long-term communication concept that is developed based on the emotional and functional associations that drives price premium in the airline category and that could be claimed by SAS.

With the launch of We Are Travelers, we introduced the strategic position – SAS is the choice for the experienced travelers, for those who want to travel for real and see it as a way of life. The communication strategy was anchored on the social phenomenon called “social norming”, which stipulates that people relate to other people when they shape their perceptions and “willingness to pay”- associations around brands and objects. Thus “who” travels” with SAS was a critical association to establish.

Broad and proud media was prioritized with a specific focus on clarity, distinctiveness, where a new visual identity was revealed, and premium associations connected with SAS as a leader and the joy of flying. Since the launch the long-term ROMI (increase in brand value/media investments) has been 4,5 across the Scandinavian markets: Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

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