The Coughing Billboard

Apotek Hjärtat

People smoke. It´s not good for them. They already know this, but need to be reminded of it. Why? Because they´re still smoking. That´s why we created a billboard that actually coughs when you smoke near it, and suggests healthier nicotine products. How ? We installed a device in the billboard to detect cigarette smokers. Not just an ordinary smoke detector, that would never work effeciently, because they don´t always react to cigarette smoke, especially not outdoors. That´s why we used a more innovative smoke detector that actually detects people having a smoke, rather than just the smoke. So, when it can’t detect the smoke, it spots the glow from a cigarette or the flame from lighting one up. The same technique is also sometimes used outside some hospitals and gas stations in non-smoking areas. This technique was a crucial part of making this billboard work outdoors.

Apotek Hjärtat – The Coughing Billboard from Ourwork on Vimeo.

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