Vinnie: Episod 4 Gåvan/The gift


The latest episode about the life of Vinnie the minihorse and his dream to become the bets trotter in the world. Vinnie’s new life is not what he expected. Everyday life clouds his dream of becoming a racing horse. Luckily Ravi offers some new inspiration. Follow Vinnie at

Direction: Felix Herngren, Bill Schumacher. Music: Adam Nordén

Our work for Swedish horse betting firm ATG is all about growing with new, younger players. With the slogan ”No dream is too big”, we introduced a mini horse named “Vinnie the Dreamer” in TV and social media. His story is about keeping your dreams alive, no matter what obstacles you face. In one year Vinnie has reached stardom in Sweden. With a million+ views on his films on Youtube and a big and active fan base on facebook he has become part of pop culture.



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