We are hiring!

Digital Data Strategist

Helping us create engaging and relevant digital experiences across all platforms

Are you passionate about understanding, creating and optimizing content for digital channels through digital analysis?

Are you kick-ass at Google Analytics and similar tools, and want to work in a creative environment?

We’re looking for a clever, confident and experienced person to guide the creation of communication and strategy within digital channels for our biggest clients.

At least 3-5 years experience required in the creative communications industry, or industries with similar relevance for Akestam Holst’s business.

Analytical Ability - you have the ability to gather and interpret data and statistics into clear conclusions and hypotheses, and unpack both marketing problems and solutions with a critical eye.

Digital Native Thinker - your age is not important. But you can effortlessly think and operate in the new media landscape, and understand how customer behaviors shifts across different platforms.

Business Focus - your work is driven by the understanding that th purpose of all digital communication - whether branding or sales-focused - is ultimately to create business and/or measurable results.

Creative Ambition - you have experience of, or talent for working, with creative ideas, and understand how to package your knowledge to make it useful and valuable for both creative teams and clients.

Social/Proactive - you’re not the typ to sit quitely and wait for an assignment. The job demands a degree of social engineeering and a go-getter-spirit, and you like getting involved in the creative process and the production process, helping your insights become reality.


Character - You have integrity and personality, and bring your unique point-of-view to the table.

Curiosity - You’re eager to learn new things and explore new possibilities.

Energy - You make things happen, work independently, and stand up for what you believe in.

Creativity - You like creative marketing, and genuinely care about great ideas and great design as tools for creating business results.

Kindness - It doesn’t matter if you’re loud or quiet, funny or serious. But it does matter that you’re a nice person.