Together with Suicide Zero and BKRY, we’ve launched the book Livsviktiga snack (Life Essential Talks). A very important book that was sent out to the 117 765 parents of nine-year-olds in Sweden to help them learn their children to put their feelings into words.

Suicide Zero is an organization that works to radically reduce suicide and research shows that children who can express how they feel are better equipped to meet life’s challenges. In the book and at you will find knowledge, tips and practical exercises that will help you and your child to meet life’s ups and downs. Look at it! Read it! Many at the agency has been involved, including many of our kids who has drawn all the illustrations.

If you can put words to feelings, both positive and negative, and ask for help when needed, most things will simply be a little easier. By teaching our children to tell someone about how they feel, we are thus not only giving them good protection. Hopefully, they and we will also make it easier for us and create closer relationships along the way.

If you, as a parent, have children who are doing well today, it may be difficult to understand why you should read and do everything that is here, but it is more important than you might think. For example, statistics show that a child today is more likely to injure itself than be harmed by others. If your child can talk about emotions, it reduces the risk of everything from school absenteeism to depression and suicide later in life.