Clear Channel connects digital screens in the underground with Stockholm’s underground music scene, in attempt to push small bands into the light.
In 2019 a number of classic music venues in Stockholm have been shut down for good, creating public outcry and massive media attention. In a digital outdoor effort, labelled Stockholm Underground, Clear Channel aims to focus on the positive and steer Stockholmers towards new live music experiences.

Developing the campaign, Clear Channel created a database of upcoming live-shows from unsigned local bands. As a gig draws near, the GPS-coordinates of the venue triggers the 100 closest digital screens – creating an invitation to drop in and discover something new. 

Apart from aggregating data from sites, blogs and Facebook-Events, the campaign also held an open invitation for bands to add their own gig-dates – giving even the smallest act a chance to make a big impact. 

The first-of-its-kind initiative uses data sources such as time, location, noise levels, streaming statistics as triggers so that when live music shows are taking place, Clear Channel’ digital billboards direct one to the nearest show.