Together with 7-Eleven, we created Christmas sweaters for their staff that analyze people’s well-being by reading traffic data, local weather, and social media posts.
For a lot of people, the holiday season can be a stressful time. Sometimes even depressing. Fortunately, research shows that saffron makes us happier. For Swedes, that is great news because saffron buns are a Swedish Christmas tradition.

For the holiday season of 2019, 7-Eleven Sweden developed real-time interactive Christmas sweaters that detected potential costumers’ well-being. The sweaters then dictated the price of the saffron buns, based on the general stress level and Christmas depression in the local area.

The sweaters had built-in micro computers that analyzed social media posts, the current local traffic situation, as well as the weather. Three components that easily influence our general holiday spirit. When it sensed that the local Christmas spirit is dropping, the Christmas sweaters activated a generous offer on 7-Eleven’s saffron buns.