In this new campaign for Lunar, Will Ferrell takes on the role of Will Power; an over-the-top life coach / money guru / zen person with an ego considerably bigger than his skills (and hands).

He’s here to spread the message that all questions of life, happiness, or personal finance can be answered by doing one thing: downloading the Lunar app.

Carpe money, baby!

“It's all a load of crap without Lunar”
Will Power

A pre-launch teaser video was released ahead of the campaign to get conversations started. In it, Will Power paid homage to Ernst Hugo’s “Postbanken”-commercial, a legendary bank ad from the 90’s that has found its way into the hearts and memories of the Scandinavians.

Will Power's profound messages and zen-like presence enlightens the cities of Scandinavia and his words of wisdom echo throughout the homes and phones on TV, social and in cinemas.

“Treat your body like a temple and your money like money”
Will Power
“Let yourself become one with mother nature, and let your finances become one with mother money”