Help, inspire and share! The Swedish Red Cross, supported by H&M.

April 3

H&M decided to cancel a campaign due to concerns about the epidemic, and instead generously donated the ad space to the Swedish Red Cross. Over the course of a single day, we got a campaign ready to promote the importance of physical distancing, and show how you can help the Swedish Red Cross help in this crisis. 

Thanks to the Swedish Red Cross for their continued efforts in saving lives and keeping people safe, and H&M for their generous support.

General note:

We’ll continuously try to share some of the projects and campaigns we’re doing that helps fight the corona pandemic – projects that can inspire similar efforts among brands and marketers, finding big and small opportunities to aid everybody who is working hard or making sacrifices to slow down the spread of covid-19. Every little helps, and the sum of what we all do together can and will make a difference.