Help, inspire and share! Pressbyrån ft. Frida Öhrn.

April 9

Due to corona restrictions, the elderly in Sweden are recommended not to go out and can’t receive visitors. So together with our friends at Pressbyrån and artist Frida Öhrn we have been setting up concerts outside retirement homes and giving away safely handled ice cream and magazines to the pensioners. It’s a way of showing support for how our elders are helping keep themselves and society safe during the epidemic, and hopefully a creative outlet for some of the musicians and artists who have had to cancel concerts and gigs.  A small gesture that hopefully will make these strange times just a little bit easier to endure. Stay safe everyone!


General note:

We’ll continuously try to share some of the projects and campaigns we’re doing that helps fight the corona pandemic – projects that can inspire similar efforts among brands and marketers, finding big and small opportunities to aid everybody who is working hard or making sacrifices to slow down the spread of covid-19. Every little helps, and the sum of what we all do together can and will make a difference.