Help, inspire and share! Pressbyrån gives thanks to our heroes.

April 3

As a small token of Pressbyrån’s (and everybody’s) continued support for the doctors, nurses and medical personnel working day and night to deal with the fallout of the corona virus, our client Pressbyrån decided to treat them all with a total of 100 000 free “fika” and coffee at all their hospital locations.

And we also hope that society makes sure that medical staff not only get small encouragement and treats to keep their energy and optimism up, but that they truly get the resources they need to effectively deal with this health crisis. 


General note: 

We’ll continuously try to share some of the projects and campaigns we’re doing that helps fight the corona pandemic – projects that can inspire similar efforts among brands and marketers, finding big and small opportunities to aid everybody who is working hard or making sacrifices to slow down the spread of covid-19. Every little helps, and the sum of what we all do together can and will make a difference.