Meditation, male gender roles and a fossil-free society - new perspectives every Friday

February 26

Every Friday, we start the day with a big meeting gathering the whole agency. This is the time of the week when we all come together to talk about what is happening around us. We share new jobs, get updated with news, and now and then we are visited by different lecturers. They come to Åkestam Holst to talk about important topics that concern us in our everyday lives. Here’s a short retrospective of what we listened to in 2018.

Oscar Karlflo works far away from both Swedish politics and advertising agencies. Together with 24 other Swedish UN soldiers he served 24/7 in what has become the deadliest UN mission ever, MINUMSA in Timbuktu, Mali. Oscar told us about the Swedish effort, about the country of Mali and about how it is to serve in a part of the world unknown to many of us. With pictures and videos, he took us on a journey that we will never forget.

Jonathan Lundqvist is a Swedish journalist, and since 2013 the chairman of Reporters Without Borders. He divides his time between issues of free speech, network freedom and international aid to journalists operating in dangerous conditions, and he told us about his daily work and the increasingly dire situation for journalism all over the world.

Måns Jonasson works for the Internet Foundation in Sweden (IIS) an independent organization that promotes a positive development of the Internet. Social benefits and responsibility are important keys. IIS wants to enable innovation and drive the use of the Internet forward, while offering digital popular education and knowledge. Måns also runs, Barnhack (which teaches children to program) and the Synod pod Blue Monday.

Svante Tidholm is a researcher and documentary filmmaker examining the male role and masculinity. He visited us to talk about men growing up. How there, already in the early childhood, are many unwritten rules of how you should behave if you are born a man.

Shanti is a meditation guru. He was born in the south of India in 1948 and founded the School of Shanti in 1992. His main focus is to ward off stress and improve people’s lives based on unbiased inner inquiry. He believes inner transformation of individuals could lead the world towards harmony and peace, love and liberation. Shanti taught us how to meditate and find ”the gap” in our breathing.

Staffan Laestadius is a professor emeritus in Industrial Development at Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH), frequently published in SvD and DN. He recently released his book about climate change. On Black Friday he visited us to talk about the environment, climate threats, the transition to a fossil-free society and what it means to us as individuals, and above all, as an industry.