Start spreading the news - 18 finalist nominations in New York Festivals!

April 23

Boy howdy! We’re in the finals of the prestigious New York Festivals advertising awards, with 18 finalist nominations for IKEA, Sector Alarm, Norrlands Guld, Reporters without Borders, Suicide Zero, EuroPride 2018 and Rättviseförmedlingen & Fredrika Bremer Förbundet. 

We are very happy and pleased about this, and will immediately leave work, and run out and buy lots of Manhattan cocktails to celebrate.  (Pauses, listens to an imaginary earpiece for a second) I’m being informed by our management team that we can buy all the drinks we want, AFTER work has finished. 

Anyway, we’re very happy for our clients and the teams who put in the hours to make all this possible. 

You’re all awesome.


Here’s the full list of finalists from Åkestam Holst: 


7 nominations for Reporters Without Borders – Billboards Beyond Borders

3 for Rättviseförmedlingen & Fredrika Bremer Förbundet – In The Names of Equality

3 for Suicide Zero – Take a Deep Breath

2 for Sector Alarm – Out of Home 

1 nomination for IKEA – Bad Ad Ad

1 for Europride 2018 – Unequal Travel

1 for Norrlands Guld – The Social Beer

Link: New York Festivals - 2019 finalists