The power of youth!

February 1

We are pleased to announce that we walk, work and drink coffee in the presence of genius.

Not just one genius, but four.

Our four colleagues Oskar Pernefeldt, Linus Bronge, Hugo Wallmo and Felicia Jensen are not only on Swedish industry magazine Resumé’s top 100 list of Most Talented under 30, but four out of the 25 on the ”Advertisers & Creatives List”.

It feels good to know that we have at least 16% of the future of advertising under our roof. And just to add our two cents – the fact that all four of them are under 30 isn’t really the point. The fact that they are nice, talented and thoughtful people, who’ve made such a big impact over a short time, is what really matters.

In our agency, we genuinely want age to just be a number. It’s not the experience you have, but what you do with it, that really matters. So let’s not view this as a prize for young creatives, rookies, juniors, hotshots or whatever, and belittle what they’ve achieved.

Let’s view it as a well–deserved recognition for some great work, performed with brilliance, humility and grit.

Our warmest congratulations to the four of them! Felica, Oskar, Linus, Hugo – you’re the best.

Link: Resumé - 100 talanger under 30 som tar makten på 2020-talet