1. Create good.

Our big mission is to create good - for our clients, our clients’s clients, the planet and each other. We’re always exploring new ways to create real value for people and business, and do our part to improve society just a little bit.

2. Creative hearts and science brains.

ÅH is a warm creative culture with a fondness for cool analysis. We believe that incredible things happen when you combine sharp business thinking, cutting-edge marketing science and the right data, with the radical inventiveness of nice, talented people.

3. Helpfully honest.

We speak truths. Sometimes uncomfortable ones. Not as in ”Wow, that tie is ugly!”, but as in questioning conventional truths, challenging clichés, and asking the hard questions that lead to better results. By consistently being helpfully honest with our clients and each other, we create more room for growth.

4. Longthinkers.

Our biggest enemy is short-term thinking. Marketing works on many levels, and by narrowly focusing on the here and now, you can miss some of the biggest opportunities for profit and growth. We solve problems here and now, but our goal is always long-term success and creativity that lasts.

5. Technology-curious.

The one constant in our changing world is humanity. Of course, we’re all about digital, mobile, search, AI and all the cool new technological opportunities unveiled every day. But our lasting focus is the user - the smart, emotional, unpredictable and easily bored human being pressing all the buttons. Or ”Skip this ad”, if you’re unlucky.

6. Help each
other grow.

We forge long-lasting partnerships with our clients, and our co-workers tends to stay here for much much longer than at the average agency. We help our clients grow and evolve profitably, and our aim is always to help everybody who works at ÅH develop into their best selves.

7. The idea is
the boss.

We’re not big fans of titles or hierarchies at Åkestam Holst. In our agency, the idea is the boss. Our shared responsibility is to help each other bring ideas to life in the best way possible. Of course, some people take on larger day-to-day responsibility for running the agency. But first and foremost, we’re a big team of equals where everybody’s opinion holds weight.

Want to learn more?

Please read our book of values, first published over 10 years ago. Here’s a link to a digital copy as a downloadable PDF.